Jez is 7 now and nearly finished year 2 primary school.  He is doing really well at school - of course!!  He is just starting his third season of teeball and this year is giving "Have A Go" cricket a run. 


Deej will be 4 this Christmas and starts kindy next year.  As much as he would love to join in with Jez at teeball he is still too young.  Much to his disgust.  We bought him a Nintendo DS Lite a few weeks back as he wouldn't let Jeremy have his.  You should see him go!  At first I thought he was just moving the characters in Mario around but when you watch him, he is jumping, spinning, collecting the bits, killing the bad guys etc.  Brilliant!  Is there a job in that?

Below are some of the more recent photo's we have.

Visited a park in Toodyay last weekend for a friend's 4th birthday.  They had the great trains we all went for rides on.

The BoysAvon Link 3Bye...DeclanMonkey Boys

We took a trip to Kalgoorlie at the start of September and visited the Super Pit.  Rather a large hole in the ground!!

The BucketSmall TyreBoys at the PitThe Pit